Top Tips For Men To Lose Weight

When we talk about diets, we do it without any difference between the sexes. And it’s logical. What is healthy for men is healthy for women. But if what we are looking for is to stylize the figure, things change. Fat doesn’t accumulate the same way in both sexes. Men have a greater tendency to accumulate fat above the waist, in the belly (unlike women, who accumulate it in the hip and thighs), something that is not only unattractive, but also dangerous.

Middle-aged men who accumulate too much weight above the waist are more likely to suffer from heart problems and type 2 diabetes. When should we start worrying? According to British nutritionist Vicki Edgson, the moment our belly diameter is 10 cm larger than our hip.

Steps to follow:

1. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that there is no magic method to lose weight if you are a man or if you are a woman. The main problem of not losing weight is that we have incorrect lifestyle habits that do not help us eliminate fat and contribute to having those extra kilos in the body. So first of all is to begin to examine the way we eat and the physical activity we do then, changing these practices for healthier ones will achieve weight loss.

2. To be able to lose weight, you must know that 60% of your achievements depend on the food you do and the remaining 40% of the sport you do. Therefore, it is vitally important that you review your diet and opt for a fat-free and light way of eating. In general terms, to lose weight you need:

  • Add fruits and vegetables to your diet: they contain many essential nutrients for the body and few calories.
  • The proteins you eat that are low in fat (chicken, white fish, turkey and rabbit are the most appropriate foods). Eat vegetable proteins such as nuts and legumes.
  • Get your carbohydrates from foods like rice and whole-wheat pasta instead of simple carbohydrates like white bread and white rice.
  • Drink water to stay hydrated and to promote digestive health.
  • Avoid saturated fats, sugary sodas, caffeine, and alcohol.

3. In addition to these dietary modifications, you also need to ensure that your recipes are lightly prepared (i.e., don’t abuse oil or drink sauces) and that you are cautious at dinner time because light dining is the most appropriate.

You can increase your body’s ability to burn fat with the help of some natural herbs that you can prepare with infusions. For example, green tea is a perfect choice that will help you eliminate toxins and liquids, as well as speeding up your metabolism by getting fat to be used as energy.

On the other hand, ponytail is also one of the best infusions to lose weight as it acts as a natural diuretic making us eliminate the retention of liquids and purify our body. Drinking two cups a day of some of these drinks will get slimming faster and more effectively.

These tips or tricks will help you achieve your goals of losing weight quickly.