About Us

On our blog you will find all the information that we have been acquiring throughout all the years of experience – which are not few – thanks to my interest in continuous knowledge and especially for concerns in nutrition, food, cooking, human body and psychology.

Our Mission

We will try to transmit everything we have learned and everything we put into practice to get happier. It is difficult and subjective but happiness consists in bringing the expectations we want to obtain closer to reality. And in order to do so, we will do our part to help in everything in our power.

What we do want to make very clear is that this blog/web is not funded or endorsed by any food company, or pharmaceutical, or nutritional clinic or endocrinology.

Behind this website are people like you who have been deceived and swindled by an enormous amount of treatment plans and diets that we have followed and that have never worked. There’s nothing else.

In any case, any doubt or concern that you may have, please send it through the form or social networks.

We encourage you to continue reading to us! We have the hope and purpose of being able to help those who need it.