The 3 Top Tips For Losing Weight

These 3 tips for losing weight and losing tummy involve only changes in daily habits, helping to eliminate up to 2 kg per month. It is important to follow these guidelines by avoiding going up and down the scale every day, as this creates anxiety and may make the process more difficult.

It is ideal to weigh yourself only once a week, always at the same time and you should take into account if you are during your menstrual period, because in that week it is normal to be a little more swollen, which is reflected in the scale.

1. Have regular meal times

It is important that your body learns what time it is to sleep, wake up and eat. This will make it work better, avoid frequent hunger and nightly trips to the refrigerator, which are the most fattening. In addition to this rest at least 7 hours per night gives encouragement to meet commitments, do more exercise and resist temptations.

For this reason, try placing an alarm on your cell phone that sounds 3 to 3 hours so that you can eat something and thus prevent you from getting hungry. Choosing foods with low glycemic index helps you not to get hungry after eating only 1 pear for example.

2. Drink plenty of fluids during the day

You should drink plenty of fluids between meals, as this will help reduce hunger and fluid retention, because the more water you drink the more urine your body produces, and with its elimination you also release toxins that harm the weight loss process.

Allowed: water, coconut water, natural juices without sugar, teas without sugar; Prohibited: soft drinks, packaged juices, chocolate and alcoholic beverages. Liquids should preferably be taken up to half an hour before and after meals. The recommended amount of water needed varies between 1.5 and 2 L per day. If you have any difficulty drinking water see what you can do here.

3. Doing physical activity

The type of exercise is not the most important thing, but if taking advantage of every opportunity to burn calories whenever possible, it is extremely important that you practice an activity at least 3 times a week. Doing some daily activities can make a difference, so try it:

  • Climb stairs instead of the elevator;
  • Get off one stop before work or school and walk the rest of the way;
  • Go for a 10-minute walk after lunch;
  • Take the dog for a walk at night.

To increase energy expenditure, try to take at least 30-minute walks, 3 times a week, as this is one of the best physical exercises for losing weight, but also do some endurance exercises to supplement the training. Know some exercises that are easy to do in a few minutes and that helps to leave the abdomen flat on: Hypopressive abdominals.

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